Sky light installation is a pain. There’s nothing that is more annoying than having a new traditional skylight installed at your home as retrofitting the new system is not only expensive… …but also requires an expert tradesman to take care of the safety aspect of the entire job. From materials to cost of labour, you can expect a lot of problem to come your way, making you question if the entire process is actually worth it.


Headaches of a Sky Light Installation From Planning to Execution

The entire idea of a traditional sky light is to create a hole in your roof and filter natural sunlight into your home. What a contractor would do is to build a curb around a roof opening that is achieved after flashing it around your roof. This curb is then supported by load bearing beams that should take into account your local council’s building code.

Doing this work requires cutting huge swathes of roofing and ceiling, which is basically tempting accident. While professional skylight contractors will do this for you, any online home improvement blog… …and service business that transparently deals with such installations will admit that it’s not an easy job. It takes time, a lot of labour, a ton of planning and, obviously, a lot of money.

From the cost of materials together with the work to be done, you can expect a bill that comes into the several thousand dollar range for a single skylight. Let that sink in.


Solar Skylights: The Alternative to Costly Traditional Skylighting

Traditional Skylight LeakConsidering the lighting benefits of skylighting – the illumination… …and the long-term reduction in operation costs for your home and business lighting, there must be a solution out there that provides all the benefits without the need to cut a hole in your roof. Yes, there is.

Solar Light Whiz is a revolutionary skylight solution that allows your home to be illuminated by naturally-coloured LED lights that imitate the bright, homely feeling of a real sky light. Our solar skylights are connected to a solar panel that can be installed without muss or fuss.

With our solar sky lighting technology, we can install a PV panel in your roof without having to cut large portions of your roof. No need to correct your roofing’s loadings, no need to add beams and you’re not limited by your roof material.


Cut Down on Time, Cost and Hassle With Solar Light Whiz

Skylight ComparisonSolar Light Whiz can be installed up in your roof without changing the structure – from shingles to roof tiles to metal roofing, the entire system will be added for you in no time. Enjoy the benefits of having a bright home without the hassle of changing your roofing.

Since our solar skylight is powered by a high-efficiency PV panel, the sky light installation that we perform is not limited to a single location. We can add an entire array of natural colour LED lighting to brighten up more for less cost, illuminating up to 10 light systems per solar panel.

There’s also the issue of flexibility. We primarily designed our skylights to primarily be utilised as a day lighting solution, but we understand you also need lights at night, so we can add a night operations kit so you get the same benefits of vastly bright rooms even during the night.

We can even add a dimmer that can mimic the operation of shutters – something most traditional sky light installations will not have in them. Our entire system dims in overcast situations as well if they have to, helping simulate the conditions as having a normal skylight.

There’s no need for you to settle with a roof skylight that requires a great amount of hassle to install. Solar Light Whiz can give you all the benefits of traditional sky lighting without the drawbacks. From your second floor to your basement, we can light up your world with our solar skylight.